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Dog Blog 10.0 – Vacation Pros and Cons

Summer is here (hopefully for good), and that means traveling is on everyone’s minds. A few of us here at the YDP office recently went on vacation, and a few others are gearing up for their summer adventures. Wherever your travels take you, there’s one thing certain about vacation – everyone can’t wait to go, and no one wants to come back. And there is nothing worse than coming back from long days of sitting on the beach to long days of sitting at your desk chair. Sometimes though, it doesn’t hurt for things to get back to normal. Here’s a list of everything awesome about being on vacation, and some of the not-so-bright parts that will make you feel a litttttle bit better about returning to your desk.

Vacation Pro: Forgetting about work for a week.

Vacation Con: You spent so much time forgetting about work that when you return, it’s like starting all over again!

Vacation Pro: Pigging out and not exercising.

Vacation Con: Coming back to work and having to unbutton your pants when you sit down at your desk.

Vacation Pro: Having time to focus on other things in your life (i.e. making the hard decision of whether you’re going to go to the beach or go shopping that day).

Vacation Con: It’s hard to get the creative juicing when you’ve been thinking about basically nothing for a week!

Vacation Pro: The anticipation of waiting for vacation to come is so exciting! You probably begin a countdown at least 4 months ahead of time (well, I do!)

Vacation Con: All of that anticipation, and the week goes by in a flash. (However, once you return to work, the workweek has a tendency of seeming lonnnnnng).

Vacation Pro: You get to tell clients to leave you alone for a week, and you don’t have to feel bad about it (everyone deserves a vacation, and no one wants to be bothered on it!)

Vacation Con: Even if you’ve managed to avoid a work crisis while you’re gone, the clients want you to pick up right where you left off….because you really remember exactly what you were doing when you left, right?

Vacation Pro: Not worrying about household chores and having pretty much no responsibility.

Vacation Con: Coming home to Laundry Mountain and discovering that your house seems a lot grosser than how you left it.

There is always one pro to coming home from vacation though…seeing your pets again! I know my pup was sure excited to be back with us again, and it made coming home a tiny bit better! In case you’re looking for some more ideas on how to get back into the swing of things, there are some great tips here and here.

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