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I am one month into my journey with EpiCor, the immune health product. Let's see what's been happening!
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Dog Blog 16.0 – EpiCor Update

It has been almost a month since I’ve been using the EpiCor product (you can read my previous post about my decision to try the immune boosting product here. So far, here is what I’ve noticed:

-I can’t say that I actually “feel” different, but I am wondering if it’s helped me avoid some sicknesses.

-There’s been quite a few sicknesses around me lately, and while I’ve managed to escape them (which could also be due to my excessive hand sanitizing), I am not sure if it’s because of the product or not (I really hope I did not just jinx myself here!)

-One day a couple weeks ago I thought I felt a sore throat coming on, so I took 2 EpiCor (as advised). I managed to power through my “blah-ness” with just a tiny bit of a runny nose.

-Without going into great details, I have been nursing my baby since he was born, and I think my milk production has gone way, way up. This might be disputable, but that’s just the way I feel. If that’s the case, I’ll keep taking this product for the rest of my nursing duration!

I am thinking that it might be too soon to tell if EpiCor has affected my immune health (or the rest of my health for that matter), but since I haven’t experienced any negative side effects, I’m going to keep on taking it! With the holiday season here, I’ve been eating an immense amount of sweets and junk food, so taking one little pill in the morning makes me feel like at least I’m doing something somewhat good for my body!

I’ll check in at the end of January to let you know how it’s been going. If you’re looking for more information about EpiCor, you can find it here:

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