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Is Snapchat necessary or just a passing trend?


Dog Blog 21.0 – I’m Not Cool Enough for Snapchat, and I Don’t Even Care

After 3.5 years of resistance, I finally made a Snapchat account. Or as my husband would say, “another way to stalk people.” Why did I finally decide to do it? There’s a couple of reasons – I hear about it all the time from my sister-in-law (who is a great deal younger than me, I must add), a lot of bloggers use it as another tool to get content out there (so I was curious), and I figured that since a good portion of my occupation involves social media, I should probably become more familiar with it.

Well, I’ve had my account for 5 days now, and I can tell you this:

-I still don’t understand how to use it (for the record, I am not dumb when it comes to technology!)

-I will never post a snap (is that even what it’s called? I don’t know the lingo.) Also I think it’s stupid the content just disappears. Why does it do that?? And does everyone see what I post? Or just the people I send it to? I could probably find the answers to these questions if I spent some time researching…but I guess I just don’t care!

-Facebook and Instagram are good enough for me (I guess I’m just old). Which leads me to my final thought…

-Either I’m just not cool/youthful enough to use it, or I’m too dumb/lazy to figure it out. (Probably a combo of both.)

It shouldn’t be a big deal that there’s a form of social media out there that I don’t want to participate in, but for some reason I just keep thinking about it. How am I supposed to know if I’ll regret not jumping on the Snapchat train 5 years from now? (Like how Facebook is now a part of daily life…even my 91 year old grandmother-in-law is on Facebook!) A few years from now, are we going to look like idiots for not having a YellowDog Snapchat? But if we did make a company account, would anyone even look at it? Or would it seem like we have an account because we’re “supposed to?” Will Snapchat even be around in 5 years, or will become obsolete like MySpace? Why am I even worrying so much about this?

I guess personally, I don’t care that I don’t want to use Snapchat, but I’m thinking more along the lines of if it would help us professionally or not. I remember receiving an invite to LinkedIn in 2005 and thinking, what the heck is this? It looks pointless! (But I joined anyway…and now it’s 11 years later and pretty much a necessity.) Also, I don’t appreciate feeling like a moron because I think Snapchat is the most user un-friendly social media platform out there!

In conclusion:

-No SnapChat for YellowDog (or if we make an account, it will NOT be maintained by yours truly)

-I will keep my personal Snapchat account for the sole purpose of “stalking from afar”

-It’s hard to know whether something is just a trend or if it’s here to stay…and I’ll admit that I’m a pretty bad judge of it (I also held out on joining Facebook for about 6 months after all my friends did…and even then I had a friend make my account because I thought it was stupid).

-Sometimes even professionals who are supposed to be guiding others on their social media endeavors don’t have all the answers! So if you are a client and you want to ask us about Snapchat, either be prepared for a vague response, or just ask Glen, because he’s the youngest member of our team 🙂
Is Snapchat here to stay? Who the heck knows?

Is Snapchat here to stay? Who the heck knows?

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