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Dog Blog 7.0 – Sitting, Thinking, Wishing I was Eating…

One of the perks of working at YellowDog is working with clients in the food industry. The perk part of the deal is that we get to try samples of new products coming out on the market, we get to go to food-related events, and working with food is something we enjoy in general. Have you ever heard anyone say that working with a food client is boring? Well, it’s not, so if you heard someone say that, they are delusional!

There is one main downfall of working with food clients, however. This is not a complaint, it’s just an unintentional side effect that comes with the job. The downfall of this opportunity is that much of our days are spent staring at delicious pictures of mouthwatering food, whether it’s for creating ads, building websites, putting together TV segments, etc. And what happens when you spend most of the day looking at pictures of gloriously styled and expertly crafted food? You get really, really hungry.

Today, while working on an ad for a certain client that produces seasonings, I could not help but get sidetracked by the recipes I was reading (not to mention the pictures I was gazing longingly at). Maybe it’s because I had a measly pb&j for lunch, maybe it’s because I’m trying to become a better cook, or maybe it’s because I’m just a pig, but everything I looked at I wanted to EAT. I guess I could say our client is doing a great job at developing their recipes and producing their photos, because I was definitely wanting about 27 different foods by the time I wrapped up my work.

You know what would be really cool? If someday you could reach through your computer and eat the food you’re looking at. Is that such a crazy idea? I mean, do you think people in the 1970s thought they would one day be able to talk face-to-face with people over the phone? Probably not. Get to working on that, Apple! 🙂

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