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Dog Blog 9.0 – The Big Event

The big event is finally here! For months we’ve been working on the Tone’s Spices Block Party event, which is coinciding with the Sam’s Club grand opening in Ankeny, IA. The Tone’s Spices Factory is actually located nearby the new Sam’s Club site, and Tone’s Spices have been offered in Sam’s Clubs since they first opened over 30 years ago…so it only made sense that we throw a big party to celebrate! If you happen to be in the Ankeny/Des Moines area, stop by today for prizes, music, and chicken wings (we are serving up over 2,000 of them)!

You might be wondering what role YellowDog actually plays in the block party. Well for starters, we developed this event from scratch, so we’ve been involved every single step of the way. From coordinating the event with Sam’s Club, to designing the giant blow-ups and tents, to booking the live music, to finding prizes, to arranging a week-long Cooking Today recipe special with the local Des Moines TV station, to writing commercials and press releases, to ordering over 2,000 chicken wings, and driving to Ankeny to manage the event…we’ve been there for ALL of it. And we are so glad the day is here!

Do you want to see what kind of event we can pull off for your company? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll be happy to talk to you about how we can help you get your name out there with events of any size. If you’re interested in learning more about the Tone’s Spices Block Party Event, we’ve also included this handy press release for you.ACH PR




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