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Dog Blog 12.0 – Sneak Preview

It’s been a little while since we last checked in, but that’s because we’ve been working like crazy to get two websites launched next week! The title of the post is “Sneak Preview” but that is slightly deceiving, because we can’t actually show you anything until both sites go live next week. Darn it! So we’ll tell you some info about our clients instead (that’s almost as good, right)?

The first client is called Hix Corporation, and they produce all sorts of items for the graphics industry, such as heat presses, screen printers, dryers, direct-to-garment, and ovens. If you’re trying to place a graphic on pretty much any type of object, Hix has the product you’re looking for. The cool thing is they make products that work for just about everyone – from small t-shirt shops at the beach to large garment producers. It took us a long time to complete this website (it’s been going on since December), but that’s because there are a LOT of products and information all throughout the site. It’s definitely a “hefty” website, but we know that all of our hard work will pay off when customers are able to easily navigate the site and find exactly what they’re looking for.

The second website to launch this week is for another new client, Champion Aerospace. As the name suggests, Champion produces all sorts of products for the aerospace industry, such as spark plugs, oil filters, Slick magnetos, and ignition systems. Their products are used all across the board, from commercial and military aircraft,to helicopters and piston aircraft. We definitely learned a lot about the aerospace industry from working on this website, plus we got to do a cool photo shoot an an aircraft hangar.

We will let everyone know when these websites launch so you can check them out for yourselves…in the meantime, we hope that everyone has a great weekend and that maybe the sun will bless us with its presence!

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