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Reflecting on the past 3 months of my "EpiCor Challenge."
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Dog Blog 19.0 – EpiCor Update

I just flipped my calendar over to February, so that means I’ve now been doing my unofficial “EpiCor Challenge” for 2 months now! Much like last month’s update, I don’t have a whole lot to report…but maybe that’s a good thing? I haven’t noticed any particular health improvements, but I haven’t noticed any drawbacks either. I will say that both of my kids have been sick during the past month, and for a week or so I popped 2 EpiCor capsules per day to see if it helped me avoid sickness. I can’t say for sure that the EpiCor is what helped me stay healthy, but I did…so that’s a good thing! It’s just hard to determine whether my health is related to the EpiCor or not, but I’m definitely going to continue taking it. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive, right?

On the mothering front, things have been going well with the nursing. Can’t say if that’s related to the EpiCor or the copious amounts of water I’ve been downing, but I can honestly say I don’t recall my production being so high with my first child…so there’s another reason to continue with the EpiCor!

All in all, my EpiCor Challenge will continue on for month 3! (Actually, the challenge will continue until I run out of the product…and I started with 12 bottles, so I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon!) To assure myself that I’m doing something good for my bod, I checked out this information, and you should, too! See you next month for another update!


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