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Dog Blog 3.0 – A Tasty Tip

Want to try something really fun? Text Gourmet Burger to 31996. What you will see is the latest marketing invention from YellowDog. We call this a Mobile Moment, and it’s the newest innovation in mobile marketing. We are test marketing this product for one of our clients, and the results have been incredible. Consumers have been positively responding to our POS and advertising messages and participation has been well over 50%.

To briefly explain, a Mobile Moment is a form of mobile marketing which involves sending text messages directly to your audience’s phones. This is a handy tool that allows you to communicate with people who have show interest in your product, and most importantly, it helps you keep your product on their minds. You might have received some pestering texts from places such as phone companies and scam artists, but that is not how a Mobile Moment operates. Mobile Moment requires a customer’s participation and never initiates contact with a consumer.

We are really pumped about this new development, and we hope you give it a try so you can see what we’re talking about. You will be seeing more of this in the coming weeks as we are continuing with our development and research process. In the meantime, break out your grill and enjoy a burger with Weber Seasonings Gourmet Burger!

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