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Dog Blog 8.0 – Hitting the Road

YellowDog people travel. It’s nice to get away, on a project, visit a client or some event we are doing. It’s a good break from the office. But is it fun traveling? For those that do travel, they will tell you of their woes from the road (or air). Personally, I would rather drive than fly. After logging in millions of miles and countless time in the air, driving is a much better way to go. But you cannot always drive and flying is the only option, so you must go through the airport ritual.

Most recently I had a trip to South Carolina to visit a client. My flight was departing at 6:00 AM, so this means I had get to the airport by at least 4:30. Fortunately I could not sleep so I got up 3:00 AM and was at the airport by 4:00. I knew it was going to be trouble when there were more than 50 people waiting for the bus at Park N Fly. At the airport, main terminal (which I hate more than any place on earth) security was packed. It was like everyone in St. Louis was leaving at 6! Get through the lines quicker with TSA approved (spend $85 bucks and you can get this license to go past everyone else). Well guess what, that train (or plane) has flown. Everyone is doing that now and the wait there is just as long. Okay, so you don’t have to take off your shoes.

People are generally the biggest issue with flying. Most have no consideration for those around them, and they do some of the most disgusting things you have ever seen. The guy sitting across the aisle from me was drinking a bottle of Coke, and spitting into the bottle, and drinking it! If that is not disgusting I don’t know what is. If that is not enough, while changing planes in Chicago (anyone that has traveled through O’Hare knows it is crowded) I brushed up against a stroller with my roller case (just slightly) and this blockhead yells out (Excuse You). Like I was his kid doing something wrong. There’s this unsaid rule about new age parents having to be polite, but really they are being the assholes that they really are.

Again, anyone that travels knows what it’s like. Gone are the days when air travel was king and you were somebody to get on a plane. Today, it is equivalent to traveling on a third world bus.

Stay tuned, we are just getting into the travel season…this week we’re on the road to Des Moines (and luckily it’s the road, not via plane)!

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