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Champion Aerospace Website

YellowDog helped Champion’s Aerospace division show itself as the leader in the industry by updating its website and logo mark. The website segments all of Champion’s markets, products, highlights aviation news and events, and also makes it easy to find distributors nationally and internationally.

Accella Polyurethanes Website

Accella Polyurethanes produces countless polyurethane products and materials that are used in everyday life. After creating a new logo and brand for them, a new website was needed to easily segment the products and applications, and highlight capabilities. YellowDog photographed Accella products, and designed and…

HIX Corp. Website

The HIX Corporation manufactures products for the screen print and graphic transfer industry, but also builds industrial ovens for the food service industry. There were many products that needed organization. That’s just what we did. After updating their logo, YellowDog designed the new HIX Corp….

Courtlite Web Development

Development of brand identity and website for marketing and consumer communications. YellowDog provided complete concept, brand, creative, writing, research, SEO structure, and web development services for Courtlite and Pacific Energy Solutions.

Schiller’s Ecommerce Web Development

Website development and new brand development for consumer electronics market. YellowDog provided ecommerce web development and production, writing, creative and brand development for three websites in one.

Cook With Tone’s Website

Weber, the kettle configuration and the kettle silhouette are registered trademarks of Weber-Stephen Products LLC. Used under license. All rights reserved.

Premier Gear Website Development

Premier Gear is an automotive product that is unique to the aftermarket. It is marketed and sold exclusively on-line via Amazon and a few other Internet outlets. Amazon is the primary source for Premier Gear starters and alternators. Their goal is to become a viable…

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